Guillaume Collignon

Guillaume Collignon graduated a bachelor’s degree in photography from the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, (ECAL) Switzerland in 2010 followed by a master’s degree in art direction and photography in 2012. His works and research are mainly focused to landscape / spaces and the human interaction with it.
He’s also investigating the role of photography and data in monitoring and reconnaissance, mainly during the cold war period in his long term on-going project called « In god we trust, all others we monitor ».

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member of NEAR, swiss association for contemprary photography.


Near / stadio, Vevey Images, Vevey, Switzerland, august 2018
Near website launch, Rencontres photo d’Arles, France, july 2018
Cold / war studies, Galerie contre-contre, St Maurice, Switzerland, sept-oct. 2017
Carte blanche Near, Biennale photographique de Mulhouse, France, june 2016
Là-Haut, La Graineterie, centre d’art de la ville de Houilles, France, jan-feb. 2016
MTAG Group Show, Le Huit, Paris, France, november 2014
Hike, Hack, Hic et Nunc, XPO gallery, Paris, France, oct-nov. 2014
Les chasseurs de fantômes, Espace Verney-Carron, Lyon, France, sept-nov. 2014
Docks art Fair, Lyon, sept. 2014, represented by espace Verney-Carron
59e salon de Montrouge, France, april-may 2014
La vitrine 3, Dreier + Frenzel Architecture, Lausanne, Switzerland, oct-nov. 2013
Exposition des diplômes, écal, Renens, Switzerland, july 2012
Planche(s) Contact, festival de photographie de Deauville, France, oct-nov. 2010
Exposition des diplômes, écal, Renens, Switzerland, july 2010


Ekimetrics art collection, Paris
Ville de Deauville
private collectors